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Our Mission

UHI’s reward is your growth.  We are united in providing a foundation of independence and choice.  Engaging all people to explore a lifestyle that makes them proud!

Our Values

Communication: We champion listening and understanding, cultivating awareness and empathy.

Teamwork: Our strength is in our unity, honoring dignity and respect in pursuit of shared goals.

Professionalism: Guided by honesty and integrity, we embrace tolerance and inclusiveness as our standard.

Opportunity: We’re dedicated to unlocking potential, offering resources for both personal and professional growth.

Attitude: Positive change and growth spring from our collective attitude, the cornerstone of our values.




Code of Ethics

Adapted from the National Alliance for DSPs

Person-Centered Supports – My first allegiance is to the person I support; all other activities and functions I perform flow from this allegiance.

Promoting Physical and Emotional Well-Being – I will commit to promote the emotional, physical, and personal well-being of the people I support.  I will encourage growth and recognize the autonomy of those receiving support while being attentive and energetic in reducing the risk of harm.

Integrity and Responsibility – I will support the mission and vitality of my profession to assist people in leading self-directed lives and to foster a spirit of partnership with the people I support, other professionals, and the community.

Confidentiality – I will safeguard and respect the confidentiality & privacy of the people I support.

Justice, Fairness and Equity – I will affirm the human rights as well as the civil rights and responsibilities of the people I support.  I will promote and practice justice, fairness, and equity for the people I support and the community as a whole.

Respect – I will respect the human dignity and uniqueness of the people I support. I will recognize each person I support as valuable and promote their value within communities.

Relationships – I will assist the people I support to develop and maintain relationships.

Self-Determination – I will assist the people I support to direct the course of their lives.

Advocacy – I will advocate with the people I support for justice, inclusion, and full community participation.

Roseburg, OR

Engaged and Active in Our Community


UHI doesn’t just participate in the community; we ignite change and build bridges. Through hands-on involvement in local events, tailored educational programs, and dynamic public awareness initiatives, we champion the cause of inclusivity. Our efforts are dedicated to amplifying the voices and capabilities of individuals with differing abilities, showcasing the strength and potential within our diverse community. Join us in shaping a society that values understanding and support at its core.

Building Brighter Futures in Douglas County


In Douglas County, our mission is clear. We dedicate ourselves to uplifting each individual with differing abilities, aiming for their highest potential. By partnering with families, educators, and local community groups, we tailor our programs to promote independence, skill development, and active participation in community life. Our work celebrates the unique abilities of those we support, contributing to a stronger, more inclusive community where every ability is recognized as an asset. Together, we’re making real changes, transforming lives, and fostering a community that values diversity and inclusion.

Roseburg, OR

The History of UHI


01 Mar, 2023


The Foundation of Care

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Umpqua Homes was established in 1986, pioneering community-based support as individuals transitioned from Fairview, a state institution, to welcoming homes across Oregon.


01 Mar, 2023


A Milestone Home

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By 1987, after incorporating in 1986, our first home opened its doors to 5 individuals, laying the groundwork for a legacy of support that continues to this day.

01 Mar, 2023


Roots of Growth

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Our first administrative office was located in a modest shed in 1986. UHI’s administration team now thrives in downtown’s heart, reflecting our journey from humble beginnings to a central community presence.

01 Mar, 2023


Expanding Our Reach

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Through the help and support of our donors, volunteers, and employees we have seen our organization grow from a single location in 1987 to 14 dynamic locations across Roseburg, enhancing the lives of over 40 individuals.

01 Mar, 2023


A Community Pillar Today

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UHI has evolved into one of Douglas County’s largest non-profits, with nearly 150 dedicated team members now uplifting the lives of more than 40 individuals toward vibrant independence.

Learn More About UHI

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Our Services

Tailored services fostering learning, independence, and vibrant living.

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Our Team

Compassionate professionals united in empowering differing abilities.

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