Guided by Passion, Driven by Purpose

Meet the dedicated leaders who steer UHI toward excellence in service and care.

Leadership Team

Natasha Atkinson Headshot

Natasha Atkinson

CEO/ Executive Director

Natasha leads with a heart that values every individual’s journey, guiding UHI with compassionate and visionary leadership.

Kellie Ward Headshot

Kellie Ward

Director of Human Services

Kellie cultivates our team’s strength, mentoring with a focus on unity and embodying our core values.

Kim Kerby-Mellow Headshot

Kim Kerby-Mellow

Director of Quality Assurance and Improvement

With over three decades at UHI, Kim is devoted to excellence in our services, celebrating the differing abilities we serve.

Sabrina Murray Headshot

Sabrina Murray

Director of Accounting

Sabrina ensures financial integrity and strategic planning, stewarding resources to support UHI’s mission, vision, and long-term goals.

Mika Shantie Headshot

Mika Shantie

Director of Residential and Operations

Mika is dedicated to fostering environments that are safe, nurturing, and empowering for our community members.

Shara Alderman Headshot

Shara Alderman

Director of Residential and Operations

Shara’s leadership is all about creating spaces where individuals with IDD flourish, prioritizing empowerment and quality of life.

Our Community Footprint

We have multiple locations throughout our community. Each site is named to reflect the natural beauty and resilience of our surroundings.

Together, they form a network of support, helping individuals with differing abilities to lead productive, independent lives amidst the tranquility and strength of the mountains and forests we call home.

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Jacobson Center

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